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I'm Teddy Bear!

Who Loves Teddy Bears? We adore them and our clients love them very much. They are soft, plush, kind. And you can easily change the images for them. Today these are girls, and tomorrow a couple in love, or maybe two amazing friends.

Take a good look at me!
What do you see?
I see a funny and cute bear who will always come to the rescue of you and your children, who will lend his shoulder when you are sad)
Let's get acquainted, My name is Teddy Bear.
You want to take me to your place, but do you have doubts?
Take it, don't even think!
I already live in many cities of Russia, as well as abroad, and everyone loves me very much, and I love them!


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Questions, comments, orders? Contact us. We will be glad to talk to you.

st. Zagorodnaya, 129, Barnaul, Altai Territory, 656008

+ 7-913-211-8322

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